Another Troglodyte

Got myself caught up in a stupid argument with a troglodyte posting a meme about how Liberals are anti-American, anti-everything. Stupid, but I had to say SOMETHING!…Here’s as far as I got before I realized how stupid I was to even respond….

Julie Anderson Horn #1. The “Democrat” Party is an expression first used by terrorist Joe McCarthy back in the 1950’s to condescend to those who didn’t agree with his war on free speech or any other form of expression. Yeah, THAT Joe McCarthy….Julie Anderson Horn #2. Liberals are “anti-freedom”? You are delusional. It is the Republican Corporatists who are privatizing the prison system and fighting the courts for their “War on Crime” agenda….except, of course, if you are white and carrying a gun….Like · 38 minsJulie Anderson Horn #3. Anti-Catholic? I’m Catholic.Like · 37 minsJulie Anderson Horn #4. Anti-family? We are the ones who are PROMOTING the acceptance of ALL families, dumbass….who want to support working families by raising the minimum wage, by assisting with child care, by providing health insurance as a RIGHT rather than a privilege so that people can keep their homes and families intact if one of them falls ill with a terrible disease. WE are the ones adopting and fostering the kids that are born sick or unwanted or devastatingly poor because YOU don’t believe in supporting health care, family planning, assistance to families with children, food stamps, minimum wage that provides a means to live, Head Start programs for working mothers and fathers with young children, food lunch programs, restrictions on gun laws so that family members don’t kill each other in momentary acts of rage, stupidity, or availability. We LIBERALS are anti-family? Fuck you.Julie Anderson Horn #4. Anti-business? Anti-Free Enterprise?That is such a joke. When liberals talk about Corporatists and Big Banks…what we are fighting FOR is the ability for the little guys…guys like me, probably like you….to be able to WORK an support their FAMILIES in healthy environments and without fear of losing jobs if they don’t agree with the boss. But mostly its about stopping the corporations that already exist that make it impossible for any small business to survive! Small grocery stores are eaten up by multinational chain stores every day….as are local hardware stores, radio stations, movie theaters, restaurants, auto repair shops, and especially local banks. Go ahead…try to open a little savings and loan or fix-it shop and see how far you get. You think you are going to join your pals the Waltons or the Kochs or the other multibillionaires if you go out and start your own “free” enterprise? Go ahead. Let me know how that works out for you. In the meantime, I realize that if you are actually someone who believes in the bullshit you’ve posted here, I am wasting my time arguing with someone who is obviously willfully ignorant of what is really going on in the world, and I’m removing myself from this “discussion”. Maybe you should remove yourself from your paved (by government) roads, deal with your own (government) removal of trash every week, turn on your hose when your house catches on fire so the (governmental fire department) doesn’t have to impinge on your “freedom”, enjoy your 25% or 50% interest rate on your home loan or your credit card from the (unregulated) banks, drink your filthy water and breathe your filthy air that are going to make you, your parents, children, friends and neighbors sick because the (unregulated) industries and manufacturers have decided to use our rivers and streams as their personal industrial sized toilets. Go ahead and wave your second amendment protected weapons around your neighborhood where every other asshole with a second amendment protected weapon is waving his around and try to figure out which ones are the “good” guys with guns and which are the “bad” ones, because no one will know, because according to you, EVERYONE has a right to carry and fire a weapon any time anywhere, as long as you feel “threatened” . As far as I’m concerned, the bad guy is YOU.


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Another Dumpy Rant

For anyone still believing that Donald Trump is anything other than a con man, a grifter, a greedy, self-serving pig…You know something? Those of you on the Right will argue that recognizing climate change, honoring citizen’s civil rights to vote, marry, & work, protecting children from overly aggressive law enforcement, investigating the questionable behavior of elected officials, and allowing all citizens to maintain their health are all “liberal” ideas that are meant to create ANARCHY and discord among our citizenry. Trump actually had the balls to say that out loud during his rally in Montana (?) the other night. Oh, right, I see…Because it’s the LIBERALS who have worked for decades to allow banks & industrial corporations to gouge working people, send their profits to secret overseas accounts, and not pay their taxes without so much as a scolding from the IRS? Or because it’s LIBERALS who are telling you that they are the party of “small government” even as they tell you who you may or may not marry? Or how you choose to protect your health & family? Or who can or cannot enter the country even as you ask for a universally accepted chance for asylum because you’ve walked thousands of miles to escape the violence in their own countries? And then tear your children from your side, lie to you about where those children are going, and then send you back to “your own” violent country without them? Or maybe it’s because it’s the LIBERALS who work endlessly to make sure people of color are unable to vote because they are likely to vote Democratic? Because it’s the LIBERALS who have made it a goal to “shrink the government small enough to drown it in a bathtub”? Remember that one, folks?

NO! Its not the Left trying to destroy this country, it’s YOU! And the longer you pretend to believe that Donald Trump and his administration are doing anything other than collecting the “spoils” of their war on this country, the more successful they will be!

It’s time to wake up, dear citizens, and recognize the reality of what is happening…and it’s not Sean Hannity’s reality or the Fox & Friends’ version, or especially the version Donald Trump is selling you.

I beg you, for the health and safety of our children, our environment, and our government, PLEASE see beyond the bullshit.

It’s a common and well-worn meme to accuse the Left of lying; of trying to strip you of your rights; that, as some have gone so far to suggest, that we want to violently overthrow the government….sadly , what they are doing is telescoping their own agenda. If they blame the cruel and shady policies and actions on the Dems, it’s because they know how awful they are, and that if you buy into their projections, you won’t notice the despicable activities of theirs.

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The LIBERALS wanted the border crisis…and every other bad thing that happens…

Shit–I just edited out my explanation for what this is… just a double fisted response to a fellow I don’t know but who suggested that “the liberals are HAPPY about the border crisis because it will play well for us in the midterms. Aside from the ridiculousness of such a statement, I do wonder if the folks who keep telling us what it is we “libtards” want to do or plan to do have any idea what it means to “project” and what it reveals about their own intentions? Hmmmm.

Dale ***** – really? And how have you gained this awesome insight? We WANT this issue? That’s brass… since it’s been Trump who has continued to fan this flame since STARTING it, gleefully encouraging the conflict and the misdirection because (according to some in the White House) he believes this issue helps HIM in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

As far as Dems not “doing the right thing” or trying to pry open our borders To “accommodate terrorists”..?! What? . .. give it up…you folks waddling along behind your “strong man” fearless leader aren’t paying attention and it’s getting pretty sickening listening to you all talking about what terrible things we “libtards” (or whatever epithet you choose) …want for our country. And it’s you folks that are supposedly the “small government, pro-life, family values ‘Christians’” who are the true Shepards of goodness in our country? Grow up…you are drowning in your own mythology.

Just so you know…you think his actions are made in an effort to uplift the people of this country? You think your unwavering dedication to him is going to make your life better? Hahaha! Trump & his ilk care about you just about as much as he cares about me…which is, of course, not at all. And no amount of worship, kissing up, defending, or believing the lies is going to change that.

Watch what he DOES, not what he says. Like every con man, he talks a good game and spins a dizzying tale. He’s pretending to be a President, “acting Presidential”, and trying to convince the world that he is a human being. He plays at being “strong” and not “weak, like Obama”…because he conflates being a strident, loud, overbearing bully is what his daddy told him makes a man strong. Meanwhile, he has a weak little ego, along with those “daddy issues”, insecure about the smallness of his mind, “hands” and bank account. But know this…and I raised my girls to be able to see through men like these… the ones that have to constantly tell you how great they are…aren’t.

So now he’s calculated that dumping the family separation thing is better optics, and he’s cancelled it. And I think that he may actually believe that if he blames enough people for the mess at the border, he can wash his hands of it and come out looking like a hero- to the people who have called for an end to the policy AND to his base who will rationalize the move as being something the wretched Left has forced him to do. So now he can lead the ticker-tape parade for ending this horrible policy THAT HE STARTED!

Will there be legislation to provide some sort of reunification system for the families he’s traumatized? Maybe…but it won’t come from him. It will come from the few members of Congress that has been mortified by what’s been happening to those families, and the because the journalists covering it were so distraught and passionate in their coverage. But he will walk away from it, just like he’s walked away from everything he’s ever destroyed. He’s never been held accountable for anything he’s said or done, and does not believe he has any reason or responsibility to apologize for any of it. Someone else will just have to deal with it. Meanwhile, he drains the country of every ounce of respect, any pretense of humanity, and every cent of the treasury.

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Friendships Endure…

Hey all! Been a while since I’ve been on here, so I’m going to take a little time today to catch up with everyone and read whats been going on in your lives! The reason I’ve not been here for a while is because a.) I was on vacation for a week in Newport to visit my bestie, Judy, and was having way too much fun to drag out the old laptop and read about all the depressing shit going on in our country and around the world, and b.) since I’ve been home, Ive been “downsizing”, I guess, or at least “purging”… Since Courtney and Piper have moved into their new house this summer, Danny and I have been making plans as to what we want to do with our house. Despite the pleas of our kids to move out of our five bedroom, three-story house, we plan to stay here for the time being, but theres some work that needs to be done, of course! The first thing is going to be to get new floors put in. No more wall to wall carpet! But of course, that means getting rid of stuff we don’t need anymore (some that we didn’t even remember we had anyway!) and making the floors much more accessible for the guys to come in and do their magic.

Boring stuff to talk about after a two-week hiatus, right? But! There is a reason I’m talking about this at all here on FB, and it’s been kind of exciting (!) for me & I want to share!

In the process of digging through ancient boxes, bins, and other assorted containers, I came across a box yesterday of some of my very old mementos from my childhood years: birthday cards, my diplomas, our wedding guest book, as well as some pretty hilarious papers saved from elementary school through college, and it was a treat to read those! (I was pretty smart back in the day, although not nearly as smart as I’ve believed myself to be! Ahahaha!) The best and most surprising part of this discovery, however, is the box of letters I found. What a rush of memories to see the cards and letters from my Grandmother and best Auntie, Lorraine; my baby sister Jen who made me little cards full of love, love, love notes, my brothers Joe and Jeff who wrote to me through college and beyond, cards from my folks, etc. All the stuff you’d kind of expect to find in such a box. The biggest pile, though, and the one that made me giggle most, was a stack of letters saved from my friends through the years! And wow, was that the best thing I’ve found, ever! And I suppose it is a kind of reaffirmation of the friendships I’ve enjoyed renewing on FB, because there I found letters from many of the same wonderful folks I still (and again) love today: Anita Sherman, Kathleen (Kathy) Hagan, Susan McHale (anybody know where she is nowadays?), Cindy Richey, a couple of notes from cheerleading pals, and a couple from someone who addresses me as “cool jew”(!?) (anybody got an idea who that might be? I’m at a loss…), a few old loves (Donnie Hamilton, Tony DeAloia; even Louie Ratterman and David Spang, who were not boyfriends, but “boy-friends”) and my most favorite, Karen and Kathy Borchers! I haven’t gone through them all yet, but I’ve read a couple of them, and my heart was about to burst!

I have to admit, I had no recollection of most of those notes, which made them especially fun to read last night, but that also reminded me of how important those (you) people have been in my life forever. I can only imagine how my letters back to you after I moved to Akron must have been; that was a very dark and sad time for me, and I think that on some level, those letters provided me with a lifeline, a way to see that such darkness and sorrow, as overwhelming as it was, was temporary, and that moving away was not the end of the world, even though it felt like it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the discovery of so many funny, moving, crazy, letters after decades of preservation has reminded me of how important you folks have been, and how much that love remains within me.

I feel kind of sorry for our kids, who write things on their computers to friends, and who will never understand the power and physical acknowledgement of holding those precious papers in their hands.

Yeah, if it’s on the net, it’s there forever, but how much access do we really have once we push “send”? Thank you, my wonderful friends, for giving me such life-sustaining joy—first, when I needed you most, and again today, when I can truly appreciate such a gift!

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Is KellyAnne Conway also flying in government planes (just a rant) 

Of course she’s complicit–this is the most ridiculously inept group of greedy crooks to surface this century–or last. They are so oblivious to the rules and protocols of leadership & humanity they don’t even know how to do the wrong things the right way & not get caught! Then they lie so blatantly and childishly that those of us who do have some sense of decency have a tough time believing what we are hearing or seeing….and they walk away, fueling that hungry passion for the spotlight. The problem, I think, is that Dumpy has never had to play by the rules of any game or in polite society, so he never learned them. He only ever had to show up and sign his name or point his fat little finger at some D-level celebrity and humiliate them on tv, and that is how he thinks the world (at least the one he lives in) works. He thinks that all Presidents do is stand & give speeches, have photo ops for signing executive orders, toss a few rolls of paper towels and remind everyone-every day-many time’s a day–what a wonderful man he is and how gloriously he will be remembered in the history books. He has-or had- no clue that the President actually has WORK to do! He is as shallow as the walls of the fake office built for his reality tv show. Congress and most of the news media have been walking on eggshells since he took office, few daring to call him out for fear of his bullying reprisals. I’m happy to see the decent leaders of our government, like Rep. Cummings, finally stepping up and demanding answers, at least. They won’t get them, and the whole Dumpy family will walk away from this job strutting and preening like arrogant peacocks with brains the size of marbles and egos the size of NYC!

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Republicans & Gun Control

Something I wrote the other day in response to a FB friend’s frustration about gun laws & the money in politics:
Batsheva, one of the saddest, sickest realities that makes me want to just scream from a mountaintop is that even when the victim of such random violence is “Saint Ronnie” Reagan, the perfect Republican go-to for any stupid attempts the Republicans have to worm their money-grubbing philosophy into public law, they refuse to even blink. My husband & I have been supporters of The Brady Foundation since it was started (after Reagan’s staffer was also shot that day & gravely wounded)–it’s the only Republican effort I’ve ever supported and believed in–and they are still having to call and beg for money. Meanwhile, LaPierre & the NRA are given mountains of money and lobbyists, and stages to spread their vile, ignorant, violent messages without censor. So, like you say, why is this terrorist organization allowed to even exist? They have been responsible for killing high school students in Colorado, babies in Connecticut, movie goers, policemen, people asleep in their own beds, and thousands more… and La Pierre and his buddies walk with impunity among the dead & maimed citizens of this country. WTF has to happen before we wake up, grow some backbone, and say, “Yeah–we ARE coming for your guns, you sadistic SOBs. You do not have the intelligence or emotional strength to deserve the right to have (especially!) machine guns and high powered military weaponry at your disposal. We know that because if you are paranoid enough to believe that owning a military arsenal in your basement or garage or underground bunker makes YOU the ‘good guy’, you are a threat to all of us. Now hand them over.”

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Pigs on The New York Trains (part 2)

As promised, my response to Liz Thompson’s post in “Pantsuit Nation”

Whew! What a terrifying experience! And one that, I fear, is becoming more frequent every day our current administration does its best to bring us all down into the pigsty with them. My heart hurts for you, and I, too apologize for what happened to you. Not for the as—-e spewing such hatred into your ear, because I would NEVER excuse or associate myself with such hideous behavior. My apology is for those of us who are witnesses to such provocation and are frozen and unable to act. No, I live in safe, quiet Akron Ohio, and was not on the subway with you that day. I have been practicing–and would hope that I could muster up the courage to speak up and stand up to such bullying, but, who knows–I’m a 60 year old white woman with 7 pieces of metal in my neck holding my head on and a voice that comes out sounding like Minnie Mouse when I’m nervous, so, I’m not always the most intimidating or convincing advocate. I do it–but I’m ever quite sure it helps! 

What I’ve discovered over my many years as an advocate, however, is a very startling & frustrating truth about situations like those you found yourself drawn into and a million others that are the product of bigotry & hate, is that those of us who do not wear brown or black skin have abdicated our responsibility to protect & support our diverse brothers & sisters across the board. I admit, because I was alive & active as a young girl in the civil rights era, and had and have cultivated relationships with (women, mostly) of color, I fell into that hazy, naive mindset that “things” had actually changed–that racism in all of its ugly permutations had been, if not eliminated, at least “shrunken so small it could be drowned in a bathtub”. (THIS is what needs drowning, Mr. Norquist)

My god, what an eye-opening I’ve had since my first days working to get that young senator from Illinois the Democratic nomination for President, and straight on until now, when I read more & more stories like yours! What I’ve come to realize about our racist culture is that even those of us who embrace our friends of color or orientation or ability is that those of us with “privilege”, those never in danger of having our sons arrested or shot for standing with poor posture or who will never be subjected to the terrorism you experienced that day, we cannot continue to operate on the notion that acts of such violence or hate are NOT aberrations, that racism is a “black persons’ problem”, or that things have actually CHANGED for the better. Because, while there have been some advancements in race relations over the decades, at the most fundamental level, not much has changed; mostly, it just got buried. Fortunately, perhaps, it wasn’t so apparent because there still was an ever-fraying thread of decency that made an embarrassment of those harboring racist attitudes,(or who lied, or who admitted that they were out to make as much money as they could, or who got humiliated when they were caught doing something heinous). Obviously, that thread has broken, and decency is a word now used as a club by privileged folks to create fear of those who are not white, wealthy, “religious”, straight, or male and to keep those folks in line. 

As Caucasian women, it is now more important than ever to support our friends and neighbors of color. Putting an end to bullying in schools has become an important part of the curriculum in schools these days, but our resolve to stop bullying of ANY kind does not end at graduation. And now more than ever since the 1960’s, it is incumbent upon white, straight, middle class women to become a part of a global support system every bit as energized or prioritized as that of the elementary or middle-school PTA bully programs in our communities. Because, as shocking as it is for some folks to hear, RACISM IS NOT A BLACK PEOPLE PROBLEM. It’s a problem for ALL people. And if we want to make it out of this administration alive, we need to realize that and speak up about it at every turn. 
(Sorry, Liz Thompson, I got a little soap boxy for such a late hour, but I wanted to respond to your eloquent and disturbing post. This is an issue that has driven me for 50 years or so, and your story reminded me once again of how important it is to recognize the problem, OWN the problem, and work to ease/help/resolve the problem) I hope you never experience such a horror again, but since that may be a silly pipe dream, I hope that if it ever should happen again, you will be surrounded by people of every color, gender, size, age, etc. supporting you and shutting down the vile creature who dares speak to any human being like that! 
Keep talking, keep writing. Your words are powerful and important. And thanks.

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