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It must be election season again….

…because here I am, at 2:00 a.m., worrying over and writing about Politics again!  Why tonight? The simple answer is that I’m angry.  Angry that, well….just read it- and tell me how you are feeling about it? Thanks.

I am getting really disgusted with the lot of them….Republicans and Democrats acting like Republicans….and the media shills who blatantly admit that the Trump circus is “good for business”….and that by the time the general election rolls around, they will be having “a really good year” focusing on the ugliness that the xenophobic, misogynistic, combed-over asshole that is Donald Trump.

Blackout Tuesday: The Bernie Sanders Speech Corporate Media Chose Not To Air

(hoping that link gets you to the article/video I’m referring to…..?)

Shame on the Democrats for deciding on and promising Hilary the nomination from the beginning, then acting like they’ve been trained by old Turd blossom himself, Karl Rove, setting out to destroy any and all competition. Ironically, the ideals that Bernie Sanders has had, and still believes in, USED to be the ideals of the Democratic Party. Helping those in need, advocating peace rather than war, protecting citizens from being raped—not by some mysterious “Mexican rapist” but by the financial rapists that sit in their penthouse offices on Wall Street and gamble—and LOSE–our money, investments, properties, pensions, while they cry for help from the government so they can collect their million dollar salaries and their multimillion dollar “performance bonuses”!

Yeah, I’m mad at the world today, not just because Senator Sanders lost many of the primaries in Tuesday’s vote, but because he has been treated like an invisible pariah to those in the “mainstream”. Even if you don’t like him, or you think he doesn’t have a prayer of being elected, you really should not ignore the man. Why? Because whether or not he wins the nomination, he has awakened in a generation of young people an awareness of the bullshit that’s been going on in this country’s politics for a long time, and that he has been working to try to fix for 30+ years! He’s an old guy now, but when he was a college student, he led students in Chicago to protest the segregation of black students and white students in college housing, getting arrested for leading one of the first “sit ins” of that era! And what was Hilary doing while she was in college? She was “fighting” for women and children as a member of the YOUNG REPUBLICANS! (So it’s possible we could assume that her “fight” may have been for WHITE women and children, but I really won’t go there….)

Unfortunately, because we have a capitalistic media system, one that makes money by finding the worst possible film footage or ignorant quote and playing them over and over until they can find the next “worst”, the networks (including MSNBC, sadly) ignored Senator Sanders’ speech Tuesday night because they were waiting for the chance to show all of us another disingenuously modest triumphant speech by the biggest clown this country has fallen for since Sarah Palin!

Bernie is not a charismatic buffoon. He is not a slick, pandering snake oil salesman with the ability to sound like a preacher in public and alienate everyone who has ever met him privately. He is not a tax-cutting, union-busting, petulant governor now pretending to be the “good” one in the clown car. And he is not the humiliated wife of a former President who is demanding the podium be hers after “accepting” her defeat by Barack Obama, using her wide knowledge of political tactics and ability to speak out of both sides of her mouth to engender support from the Democratic Machine.

Nope, Senator Sanders is none of those sexy, potentially headline-grabbing personalities. He is your irritatingly consistent, gruff, always serious but soft spoken Grandfather, Father, Uncle, or Neighbor who has gone about the business of governing as a SERVANT to the people of his state and country without creating fanfare, without drawing attention to himself, but always demanding that the poor, the working people, the disenfranchised, the young, the old, the black, white, hispanic, LGBT, soldiers….everyone….be allowed a fair chance of achieving the American Dream. And he’s come to the front of the line, finally, because he is aware that none of those people (US!) has that fair shot, thanks to the shenanigans (to borrow from Elizabeth Warren) of those few billionaire families, their spoiled heirs, and their hedge-fund managers who have successfully manipulated the great unwashed into believing that allowing those rich guys to take all of the money for themselves, throwing a few coins out of their pockets now and then like the float riders in a Mardi Gras parade is really what we’ve needed all along. Not only are they taking all of your money, it’s pretty likely that if you are a blue-collar working person, they’ve taken your jobs, as well….to some other country, where they can pay people who are even more desperate 25 cents an hour to do the jobs that you once had, but had the nerve to ask for a living wage and safe and sanitary working conditions.

And whether you know it or not, or whether you ask for it or not, Senator Sanders has been fighting for YOU for those 30+ years as an activist, a student, a politician. And for the media to black him out, to ignore him in favor of the cheese of the day, is just one more reason you should be paying attention. Will he win? I don’t know. Will I vote for Hillary if she is the nominee? Unfortunately, yes; the alternatives are all too dangerous. But will I work for the Sanders campaign all the way to the convention? You bet your ass I will.



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