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My first blog is necessarily political…

Hi all,

I’m not sure yet how this blog thing works…most of you know my love for “facebook” and the like…but my hope here is to have an interesting and interactive blog that will combine discussions of several of my seemingly wildly diverse topics: Politics, Art, Writing, Theater, and, of course, Grandchildren! 

My first blog, perhaps fittingly, is a political one, as I post while watching the Health Care Summit winding down as I write.  Here we go…..

The reason so many of us worked hard to elect President Obama has become the reason for our greatest disappointment.  His (and our) belief that we really can “all just get along” has been shown to be a naïve, unrealistic vision too noble for the scheming pack dogs in Washington D.C.  The Republicans have taken full advantage of his stated pledge to be bipartisan, and has resulted in creating more gridlock and, ironically, more partisanship than ever in attempts to create the changes he promised during the election.  Elected Democrats have embarrassed themselves and those of us aligned with that party by running for cover and ducking responsibility when Republicans spin their decidedly bigoted and hateful worldview, allowing the President to fend for himself against forces that have a stated agenda of making sure that he fails in every effort. 

              It is laughable to hear Republicans claim to know “what the American people want” since they are so expert at twisting both the questions and answers to fit their view. That Republicans claim their constituents have a clear idea of what the “nearly 2,000 page” health care bill entails and are able to discern what is best for them is a joke…those making that claim have complained incessantly about the size of the bill and the time and effort it would take to “wade through” it…even though that is exactly why they are elected as our representatives.  If those representatives can’t bother to read such an important bill, how can we believe them when they claim that it is not in the best interest of the American people?  We can’t, and we shouldn’t.  What political hacks like John “Boner” and Eric Kantor count on is our belief that our representatives actually act in our best interests.  What this debate has revealed in the past year is just how wrong that assumption is. The best interests of the American people come a very distant second to the best interests of the American Corporations.

Hmmm….Do I sound bitter?  🙂



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