Republicans & Gun Control

Something I wrote the other day in response to a FB friend’s frustration about gun laws & the money in politics:
Batsheva, one of the saddest, sickest realities that makes me want to just scream from a mountaintop is that even when the victim of such random violence is “Saint Ronnie” Reagan, the perfect Republican go-to for any stupid attempts the Republicans have to worm their money-grubbing philosophy into public law, they refuse to even blink. My husband & I have been supporters of The Brady Foundation since it was started (after Reagan’s staffer was also shot that day & gravely wounded)–it’s the only Republican effort I’ve ever supported and believed in–and they are still having to call and beg for money. Meanwhile, LaPierre & the NRA are given mountains of money and lobbyists, and stages to spread their vile, ignorant, violent messages without censor. So, like you say, why is this terrorist organization allowed to even exist? They have been responsible for killing high school students in Colorado, babies in Connecticut, movie goers, policemen, people asleep in their own beds, and thousands more… and La Pierre and his buddies walk with impunity among the dead & maimed citizens of this country. WTF has to happen before we wake up, grow some backbone, and say, “Yeah–we ARE coming for your guns, you sadistic SOBs. You do not have the intelligence or emotional strength to deserve the right to have (especially!) machine guns and high powered military weaponry at your disposal. We know that because if you are paranoid enough to believe that owning a military arsenal in your basement or garage or underground bunker makes YOU the ‘good guy’, you are a threat to all of us. Now hand them over.”


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