Is KellyAnne Conway also flying in government planes (just a rant) 

Of course she’s complicit–this is the most ridiculously inept group of greedy crooks to surface this century–or last. They are so oblivious to the rules and protocols of leadership & humanity they don’t even know how to do the wrong things the right way & not get caught! Then they lie so blatantly and childishly that those of us who do have some sense of decency have a tough time believing what we are hearing or seeing….and they walk away, fueling that hungry passion for the spotlight.

The problem, I think, is that Dumpy has never had to play by the rules of any game or in polite society, so he never learned them. He only ever had to show up and sign his name or point his fat little finger at some D-level celebrity and humiliate them on tv, and that is how he thinks the world (at least the one he lives in) works. He thinks that all Presidents do is stand & give speeches, have photo ops for signing executive orders, toss a few rolls of paper towels and remind everyone-every day-many time’s a day–what a wonderful man he is and how gloriously he will be remembered in the history books. He has-or had- no clue that the President actually has WORK to do! He is as shallow as the walls of the fake office built for his reality tv show.

Congress and most of the news media have been walking on eggshells since he took office, few daring to call him out for fear of his bullying reprisals. I’m happy to see the decent leaders of our government, like Rep. Cummings, finally stepping up and demanding answers, at least. They won’t get them, and the whole Dumpy family will walk away from this job strutting and preening like arrogant peacocks with brains the size of marbles and egos the size of NYC!


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