Misery: Trump’s a dirty bird

Oh, yes, I believe he is DIRTY…in a lot more ways than one…but I don’t understand the mystery surrounding Trump and Putin and their shenanigans…from my perspective, it’s such an obvious case of money laundering: Putin washes Trump, Trump washes Putin, Trump washes for the Russian mob, who takes care of Trump’s “minions”–and throws in the funerals of anyone in Russia who gets too close to the truth. I think when we think of money laundering in our peanut-gallery, US way, we think of it as a sort of one-way operation–like intimidated accountants who find ways to hide American mob money. But what if your “accountant” was a willing partner? And you both needed some tidying up? It’s not hard to see how this got to be an organized-crime conspiracy to hide money (although, after six months with Dump as President, I’m giving the “organized” parts of it to the Russians!) I think Dumpy has gotten away with it for years–maybe even decades–because he is an unscrupulous bastard out to squeeze every last dime he can get without having to take responsibility or pay to play. He’s gotten away with it because he has absolutely no conscience and will lie through his teeth and bully anyone in his way to worm his way out of any sort of scrutiny. 
Besides, he is just a slick grifter who knows that PTBarnum was right, and he has no problem using other greedy (politicians) to provide cover and distraction for him. Think about it–every magician and carnival barker who ever made a buck knows that whole 3-card-monte rule of distraction–Dump just takes it to an extreme level. (Look here while I take advantage of your distraction to get what I want. OR–watch me throw money around (not MY money, though!) and build casinos that fail and set up fake colleges and parade my pompous ass in front of B-list celebrities and greedy International oligarchs on television and social media, and build my own golf courses and country clubs so I am the one in charge everywhere I go and all the while you are marveling at my “brilliance” I’m getting money from the Russians to do all those things so they can hide their money. And in return, they will keep my successful, rich-guy image intact by keeping me rolling in the dough and hiding that, too, so I don’t have to pay taxes. Snicker behind the scenes about how stupid the American public is, and let the Russians in on a few other crooked, capitalistic ponzi schemers and hidden business deals, and we can have the world by the balls.) 

I know, I may be full of shit; I don’t exactly have a criminal mindset, and my opinion is based on having read a lot of books and observed some shady stuff through my years, not on any legal findings. The thing is, though, that the special investigator, Mr.Mueller, is going to have to wade through enough slime and muck to actually find the legal stuff that he will drown in it, while Putin and Dumpy wait it out, make more dirty money, and Dump will walk away after 4 years and a Presidential self-pardon. 

Thanks a lot, you self righteous, purposely ignorant fools and bigots who thought you would get over on-whoever-by putting this jackass in charge of our country. Now we slide through the slime and muck along with you and your Dumpy hero, and the Russians laugh at our stupidity. 


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