Not exactly an “argument” (yet), butHere’s a little discussion I’m having over The Donald:

SOME TRUMPSTER: It’s so unfair that america found out that Hillary and the Democrats had been selling ambassadorships and political appointments and government contracts for their own wealth. If those internal emails hadn’t been leaked then Hillary could have had the presidency she stole from Bernie Sanders. It’s so unfair, we need a Do over!!!!!!!!!!
ME:Yep, I agree we Dems are a slow-moving, confused bunch and it infuriates me more than I can say. The DNC was complicit in this too, because of their own unethical behavior. The problem now, as I see it, is the millions of uncounted or disposed of ballots that gave millions of citizens no voice and no vote. 
But honestly, the whole thing comes down to the billions of dollars that flood the parties and candidates. And The Donald, while pretending to be a real populist who will “make America great” again by appointing fellow millionaires and billionaires so blatantly to positions of power depending on how much money they can make him or have donated. Linda McMann alone donated $7 million and was promptly offered a cabinet position…that he appointed Vladimir Putin’s best friend as our Secretary of State is just appalling–and potentially treasonous. The Citizens United Decision has unleashed a torrent of greed in nearly every politician’s brain, and makes our government open to the same kinds of things that so dismay us about other countries. THAT is why this election has been so important–it keeps the big money rolling in for big pharma, big oil, big chemical companies….who then turn around and buy themselves some politicians who will “see things their way.” The scariest part of this past election is that all this shit WAS known, Matt Simmons, and because both parties benefit, everyone just played along. And some invited their friends in Russia to join in the fun!

MATT SIMMONS: It was them or the Saudis, but one way or the other a foreign frenemy was going to get its wish, yep. Citizens United has GTG. But only way that will ever happen is an amendment. Hopefully Bernie keeps running with that torch.

MARK HARDY; Unethical behavior? That’s putting it mildly to say the least. Tillerson has been in the same room as Putin about 6 times since 1999….. The idea that makes them BFFs is, there’s no other way to put it, but bat shit crazy.
Honestly, not all that many people (who weren’t voting trump anyway) paid much attention to the wikileaks that is the outrage de jour. What sank hillary was her BFF’s husband sexting a 15 year old girl. That’s when HRC lost any chance of buying the presidency with her reccord $1.3B campaign.

MICHAEL KATICH: This is just B.S.! NO ONE HACKED THE ELECTION! People voted and the votes were counted…. no one hacked THAT! IF anything was hacked, it was informatioon PRIOR to the election to the supposed benefit of Trump. IT IS UP TO THE AMERICAN CITIZENS TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH THAT INFORMATION. Don’t you all see how this narrative is being played by the media?!?! People are just being led about by a freakin’ nose ring that is the Democratic National Party and the media. So let’s just rip up the constitution while you’re at it.
ME: I’m not going to get involved in an argument about who “outhuskered”(?) who—there’s been plenty of that since this nation was founded, and one group gets to hang on for a little while, then the other…ad nauseam. But what it comes down to, and always has, is MONEY. Who has it, who wants it, and who is going to do more than the other guy to get it. And it’s been like that since the beginning…the difference now is that instead of calling it “political graft” to slip some politician wads of money under the table in an assumption that it will buy you influence, or an ambassadorship, or a cabinet seat, it’s called “Citizens United”, parts 1 & 2, and its right there on the front page. Michael Katich, I don’t know who or what your source is that you can say with such certainty that no one hacked the election, and all the votes have been counted when the people who are supposed to figure all that out, and who have the tools to do that don’t know themselves what happened to the 10+ million ballots missing from Michigan, California, & possibly Ohio. But maybe you have better sources than I do. 

It is funny, though that “people are just being led about by a freakin’ nose ring that is the DNC and the media” when we know that a) there are five major news organizations in this country that decide up& down what information we get, and that, by & large, those corporate news controllers are wealthy Republican billionaires who would very much like to stay billionaires, and that b) the US citizens have just been led around the ring by one of the biggest con artists to ever participate in this circus. Donald Trump may not be a dangerous man all by himself–he’s had the benefit of surrounding himself with a very closed circle–his children, for example–who may be nice looking, and well mannered, but who are as politically savvy as a box of rocks. And in today’s world, you have to not just know how to win the game, you’ve got to keep playing it for the next four years without stepping on the wrong toes or pushing over the wrong stack of blocks and causing WWIII. Are these spoiled, wealthy children or his other “people” capable enough or smart enough to do that? We willl see, I suppose, if we survive long enough to have another election in 4 years–but it isn’t them damned Dems who are “ripping up the constitution”, sir. That’s the guy chomping at the bit to take the reins and make sure that all of his million -and billionaire- pals get to stay that way, all while failing to disclose his taxes paid (0), or reading a book (0) or putting his company into a blind trust (0) or paying attention to the nepotism laws about family members being given seats at a great big table posing for selfies and “tweeting” them as they unravel 50 years of intricately negotiated treaties, chumming around with guys whose mission in life 30 years ago was to “take down America without firing a single shot”. 
Come on, now, you can’t possibly believe that he’s going to invite people like you or me or even the esteemed Matthew Simmons (esq?) to his next party? I don’t think so–he won’t want to shake his manicured little hands with the people covered in coal dust or might be flammable from the fracking-infested water they showered in this morning, or the seriously disabled people who drool when they attempt to speak to him about the social security or Medicaid checks that get smaller and smaller if they get to those folks at all. No sir, from the penthouses at the quiet, golden rooftops of any Trump Tower, what they see from those gilded windows are simply bugs that need to be squashed or at least “managed” enough to do what he wants them to do. And he will squash us and manage us and threaten us and put our money into his very full pockets, all while telling us how “great” he is, and how much better off we are now that we can’t drink or even swim in non-flammable, non-cancerous water or how proud we should all be that those “unsightly” wind turbines are replaced with deep-rock drills and oil extractors and backhoes rumbling through your backyard and mine in order to build yet another pipeline of some sort to send filth from Canada into Mexico and beyond in order to have it route through Texas and his pal Harold Simmons’ Waste Control Specialists LLC, wherein he would take in all the toxic, poisonous gunk in the US and dump it into a 20 square MILE dump in (west?) Texas that his pal, then-Texas governor Rick Perry bent over forwards and backwards to get the permits for….even though—and this is amazing–the Texas panel invited to make that piece of stinking hell discovered–according to their own findings!–was waaay to close to-wait for it–the Oglala aquifer, a clean water resource forEIGHT STATES! Hahaha! Success in the Dakotas doesn’t mean shit in Texas! (On second thought, maybe that’s exactly what it means!)
And soon after that, Perry & his minions gave him not only the right to take in NUCLEAR waste as well, but were also busy passing legislation making it nearly impossible for people who might get sick or die from a leak anywhere on Simmons’ super pipeline! They call that “Tort reform” and if you get sick from some toxic sludge leaking into your backyard or your drinking well….well, it sucks to be you. 
Remember Julia Roberts in “Erin Brockovich”? Watch it again. Because even though she was brave and successful in the cases she worked on, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. 
If you think HRC is the devil incarnate, I suggest you widen your scope—including the view of those drinking champagne and toasting their billion-dollar schemes in the penthouses of the (how many?) Trump Towers. You’ll find a few devils in that crowd , for sure!


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