Colin Kaepernick? Wait…who? 

Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it when that lone voice crying in the wilderness finally gets heard! This young man (Colin Kaepernick) is smart, thoughtful, and, judging by many of the ugly replies given here and in the press, obviously he’s brave, too. I’m not usually impressed with most football players’ knowledge of history, or even current events for that matter, but it’s obvious that this is something that he has thought about, and that affects him deeply; and I believe he understands that by using his public status to call attention to this issue especially, he needs to risk a very public action. To those of you who slam him for being “rich”, and therefore ineligible to speak about oppression or any other social issue, bulls#+t. This isn’t about HIM. It’s about the racist bile that passes for political dialogue these days; it’s about the sustained fear white people have for black men and their corresponding response to them; it’s about being able to see injustice and want to correct it. For those of you who doubt that he has ever faced oppression or prejudice, I wish you could all be riding in a nice car in a lily-white suburb at, say, 2 or 3 in the morning. If he’s not stopped for simply Driving While Black, god help him if he gets a flat tire or has an accident. But that really isn’t the issue, is it? Because, again, ITS NOT ABOUT HIM. Do you really not believe that someone can give a shit about stopping an injustice even if they are not a victim of it? Do YOU not see or care or do anything beyond your own little pink noses? Sad for this old, white, lady activist to think that the work we’ve done in this country for the last 40 years to try to create a better America boils down, now, to creating a better America “for only me.” 


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