Nobody pees next to me without permission! 

This is such a sad state of the country that there are still people who are so hung up on who is going to pee next to you…. Get over it, folks. The operative words in this discussion are the usual ones– “WANTS to be [opposite gender]; CHOOSES a gay/lesbian/trans/bisexual LIFESTYLE, etc. I’m getting more convinced every day as I grow into an old woman that those who believe that anyone would CHOOSE to be bullied, discriminated against, humiliated, abused, rejected, and/or assaulted because it’s a much more fun way to live, are first, not very smart, and second, perhaps deeply closeted themselves. If you can look at a person just coming to terms with such a realization, or having to face the rejection of family and friends in coming out and you can honestly think that seems like a fun, carefree, irresponsible lifestyle CHOICE, I’m pretty sure it’s your own longing for the freedom to be a part of that community that informs you, not anything based on logic. And if you subscribe to the ludicrous notion that a) someone is going to be charged with monitoring every ladies room on the planet to make sure (how, exactly?) that no one with a little extra packaging underneath doesn’t get in, or b) that any sick bastard who wants to gain access to you or your children is going to dress up & pretend to be a woman, in order to kidnap & tape you, there isn’t much worth talking about until you educate yourselves about the reality of such circumstances. Do that, and if you are still convinced that any of this has to do with lifestyle or choice, come back here, and those of us who know the truth can guide you further. Until then, keep your damaging rhetoric (and legislation) to yourself, please. 


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